FlightBriefing 1.1

FlightBriefing version 1.1 is now released on the App Store. This version features improved handling of fuel figures. The remaining fuel and required fuel shown on each waypoint does now take into account the figures entered by the pilot on the “Time, Fuel and M&B” screen.

Simulator Screen Shot 17 jan 2016 18.57.53

So for example, if the pilot enters the actual fuel onboard after refueling, extra fuel will be calculated, and the remaining fuel on each waypoint will take into account the difference between the flight planned block fuel and the actual block fuel, for easier comparison between calculated and actual fuel burn.

Another scenario is if the flight was planned with an alternate, but due to improved forecasts at the destination no alternate is required. New fuel figures can then be entered and the required fuel will be recalculated, as seen in the image below.

Simulator Screen Shot 17 jan 2016 18.56.35