iPad software for EFB use

JN Avionics develops customized iPad applications for airline use in iPad Electronic Flight Bags. User interface and included data will be customized for the individual airline needs.We also assist airlines in the implementation of EFB programs, and to gain operational approval with the appropriate civil aviation authorities.

Electronic Flight Bags at Novair

JN Avionics has contributed to the development and implementation of a class 2 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) at the swedish charter airline Novair. Tasks performed includes specification and development of the user interface, documentation such as user guides and airline operating manuals, and gaining approval from the civil aviation authorities to operate without paper backups.

The Mulle platform

 The Mulle Platform is a small and lightweight wireless sensor platform. Developed by EISLAB at Luleå University of Technology, it is designed for low power operation, versatility, and autonomy. As an Embedded Internet System (EIS), it uses standard internet protocols for communication. While it is currently equipped with an onboard temperature sensor and a 3-axis accelerometer, the expansion connector allows a large variety of sensors to be connected. The Mulle Platform can work continously, connected to the web via an access point, and display its data online in realtime, or save data for later transfer to a laptop. JN Avionics contributes to the software of the Mulle Platform, as well as hardware and software documentation and manuals.
For further information, see the homepage of EISTEC, who commercializes the Mulle Platform.