HOTCalculator 3.1

HOTCalculator has just been updated with new hold-over times for winter 2018-2019. Included in this release is Allowance Times for Type IV fluids in ice pellets or small hail, and the “Snowfall Intensities as a function of prevailing Visibility” table to determine snowfall intensity to use in HOT calculations. More information is also provided within…

HOTCalculator v3.0

Several features have been added to HOTCalculator: Ability to launch from other apps with a pre-selected fluid (try it in FlightBriefing!) Possibility to use in split-view and slide-over view in multitasking mode on iPad Slightly changed user interface, for selection of weather, temperature and concentration It is also updated with the latest hold-over times from…

HOTCalculator updated for winter 2016-2017

Since the beginning of the winter season, HOTCalculator has been updated with new fluid hold-over times from AEA and TC. (Association of European Airlines and Transport Canada). HOTCalculator is now in operational use within (at least) two airlines.

New Type II fluid in HOTCalculator

Following user request, HOTCalculator has been updated with a new fluid. It is the ABAX Ecowing 26 Type II fluid that has been added. The new version of HOTCalculator is available in the App Store now.