iPad Applications

Operational approval for the Type B applications FlightBriefing and HOTCalculator has been provided by the Swedish Civil Aviation Authority for those commercial operators using the apps.

Flight Briefing

A complete replacement of the traditional paper briefing package for EFB use. Can be adapted to specific airline layout and procedures, and compatible with all major flight briefing systems. Check out the app at the app store by clicking here.

Hold-Over Time Calculator

Easy calculations of H.O.T, to be used in offline mode on flight decks. Used by airline pilots world wide. Available for both iPhone and iPad in the appstore. Click here.

Damage Chart Browser

The Damage Chart Browser is a “Buckle and Dent” charts app for Novair aircraft, permitting flight crew and technicians to easily verify if a damage on the aircraft is new or already under surveillance. Click here.

Location Finder

An application that can lookup any lat/long coordinate on the earths surface, and display it on a satellite image. Useful for finding a location specified only by its coordinates, for example when reading SIGMETS. Available for both iPhone and iPad in the appstore. Click here.

Skyways Mass & Balance

Mass and balance calculations for the Swedish Regional airline Skyways, operating a fleet of 11 Fokker 50 aircraft. The application is fully customized for this airline’s style of operation, and includes fuel figures used for the ETS report.

Viking Hellas A320 Mass and Balance and Journey Log

This software suite includes a customized Journey Log and Mass and Balance calculations for the airline’s Airbus A320.

General Aviation Mass and Balance

Mass and Balance calculations for general aviation aircraft. Configure your aircraft once and then reuse for easy M&B calculations every flight. (In development)